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Toll Processing - Galvanneal

Gregory will galvanneal your hot or cold rolled steel. Galvannealing operations produce only minor changes in the metal thereby retaining the original characteristics of the uncoated metal.

Material may arrive pre-slit or in master coil form to be galvannealed to your requirements. Camber must be within guidelines established in ASTM Specification A924, Table #6. Coils must have commercially uniform dimensions throughout. The maximum deviation from a horizontal, flat surface is 1/2 inch (0.5'').

To insure consistent product quality, Gregory requires that toll-processed material must meet particular standards in dimensions, surface condition and chemistry.


  • Coils must meet ASTM standard shape and flatness tolerances
  • Folded edges, kinks, or welds are not permitted
  • Master coils up to 72 inches and 56,000 pounds can be accepted for slitting, coating and re-slitting. Maximum slit-coil weight is 15,000 pounds.
  • PIW coils must be between 250 minimum and 1000 maximum
  • Coils must have commercially uniform dimensions throughout
  • Maximum line width is 19.5 inches. Please reference chart for limitations.


  • Normal scale, normal slushing oils and light rust are acceptable
  • The following conditions will not product good coating results:
    • Rolled-in scale
    • Paint or identity chalk marks on sidewalls
    • Heavy, aged or greasy oil
    • Pre-lubed coatings
    • Heavy rust
    • Heavy, flaky scale
  • Surface defects are not corrected by galvanizing and will sometimes highlight the defect by coating (i.e. anneal stains, pickle stains, pitting, rolled-in scale, etc.).


  • Si: Silicon content must not exceed .10%
  • Cr: Chromium content must not exceed .05%
  • P: Phosphorus content must not exceed .035%
  • Heat numbers and chemistries are required before processing



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