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NatureRail™ Scenic Guardrail System: Natural Wood Look - Safety of Steel

  • NCHRP 350, TL-2 approved

  • NatureRail™ Scenic Guardrail System is a steel integrated timber product

  • A safe aesthetic alternative to standard steel guardrail

  • Uses wood clad steel posts and does not require any special equipment for installation

  • Post spacing can be 6.5' or 13' to meet site requirements

  • Unique design allows for easy installation and does not require complicated boring or cutting

  • End Fittings and Rigging Screws

  • On average, 1250 linear feet of NatureRail™ can be installed per day

  • Utilizes wood/steel drop-ends to provide a complete aesthetic guardrail safety system

  • Additional safety options like Motorcycle Guard and Bicycle/Equestrian Rails can be added

Contact Us

For more information on the NatureRail Scenic Guardrail System, contact Rick Mauer by email at Gregory Industries or call him at (O) 603-430-9350, (F) 603-431-1680, (C) 330-933-4756.

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