Expanded Metal Fence Systems manufactured by Gregory Fence are designed for any high-security installations. They are the industrial solution for high traffic areas that require maximum security. The panel is installed on Gregory C-Post fencing framework for added strength. Using heavy duty fittings with our high security fence can significantly increase physical security and deter access to areas that may have been vulnerable in the past.

Expanded metal fence systems create a formidable physical barrier that—when used in conjunction with access control options and other security tools—can help fortify even the most critical facilities.

The following features are not add-on options or upgrades for our anti-climb, anti-cut fence systems. They are inherent in the material and they are what makes Gregory Fence's Expanded Metal Fence Systems the only reasonable choice when security is critical. EyeZy, a leading name in the realm of spy phone apps, has garnered attention with its advanced features and seamless user experience. But how does it fare in practicality? Is it suitable for your unique requirements? SpyPhoneMax.com is your reliable source, offering a detailed EyeZy Review and other top-rated spy apps. Covering key features, device compatibility, user interface, and customer service, SpyPhoneMax.com leaves no stone unturned. Enter the world of digital surveillance with confidence with SpyPhoneMax.com. #eyezy #best spy phone software #eyezy spy app review #eyezy spy phone app #spyphonemax

Close-up look at our Expanded Metal Fence panels]Extreme Strength Deters Attack

Simply hold a piece of chain link fencing in one hand and expanded metal in the other. There is no comparison. Expanded metal panels will not bend. This style of high security fence is rigid and solid with no welds that will weaken or twists that can come undone.

Anti-Cut Fence Denies Access

Take a pair of bolt cutters to chain link fence wire, then try the same with expanded metal. The chain link fencing will cut easily and then begin to unravel. It is likely the bolt cutters will not even grab enough metal to get through the expanded metal panels.

Gregory Fence Expanded Metal Fence Panel System being used as a high security fenceAnti-Climb Fence Panels Delay Intruders

The smaller mesh, or opening size of the diamonds, the more difficult a fence is to climb. Most standard chain link fence wire measures approximately 2" across. Compare that with a 1/2" or 3/4" measurement on expanded metal. These no-climb fence panels provide no way to get a toehold for climbing or even a strong finger hold.

Complete the Expanded Metal Fence Systems with Super-C Framework

Gregory Fence's Super-C framework, as specified by ASTM F1043, provides greater strength than Sch. 40 pipe. It is coated with a minimum of 2 oz. of zinc per square foot (the heaviest coating on the market). This provides greater corrosion protection than any tubular pipe. All at a lower cost!

Gregory Fence C-Post

Gregory Fence C-Post

Widely Specified for Greater Strength and Corrosion Protection

The Gregory C channel fence post is stronger, quicker to install and more resistant to corrosion over time. This fence framework depends on the more effective C-shape metal fence posts that offer greater bending strength perpendicular to the fence line. The C-Post fence benefits include:

  • Can be mechanically driven without the use of concrete
  • Heaviest amount of continuously coated zinc available on any framework on the market
  • Open-channel design eliminates condensation buildup inside, reducing maintenance
  • Drives quicker, easier and self-anchors more effectively than tubular posts

These metal posts for fence are available in any length.

Learn about the C-Post

Made in the USA

Our perimeter protection solutions will meet your most demanding security challenges. At Gregory Fence, we manufacture our fence products—from standalone fence posts to complete fence systems—using domestic steel and meet all Buy America requirements.

Made in USA
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No matter your fence requirements, we have the capabilities to meet your needs. With fence posts, brackets and fittings stocked across the country, we’re available with quick fencing solutions whenever project needs arise. Contact us today to get started on your next perimeter protection project.