When combined with our welded wire panels, Standard C and Heavy C post profiles provide superior strength, unique design and modern concepts compared to the competition. Each welded wire mesh panel is composed of 6-gauge wire in a 6-by-2-inch mesh style that can be galvanized or PVC coated.

Whether you need standalone safety fence posts or a complete industrial safety fence system, you’re in good hands with Gregory Fence. We manufacture our fence products from domestic steel in Canton, Ohio, and meet all Buy America requirements.

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Safety Fence System Features

  • All panels can include V-bends to add rigidity and eliminate the need for horizontal bracing
  • Available in a galvanized or PVC coated finish
  • Available in heights of 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft., which can be stacked or rotated
  • Panels can run continuously on the face of the post or end at each post, per job requirements
  • Even if cut, welded wire mesh panels will not unravel or lose structural integrity
  • System can utilize the Standard C or Heavy C post profile
  • Multiple options are available to attach post to panels
  • Systems meet or exceed ASTM specification

Standard C and Heavy C post safety fence systems with line raid clamps and labeled specifications

Welded Wire Safety Fence Specifications

  • Standard C and Heavy C posts are made with .121 wall thickness and utilize 50,000 lb. minimum yield steel
  • Continuously coated with 4 oz. of zinc per square ft., per ASTM-F1043
  • Each galvanized panel is 96 in. wide and each PVC coated panel is 87 in. wide
  • Welded wire mesh panels are composed of 6-gauge wire
  • Mesh spacing is 6 in. (vertical) by 2 in. (horizontal) center to center of wires before coatings are applied
  • Other panel mesh sizes are available upon request

C-Post Strength Comparison

Line Posts Outside Dimensions Material Thickness Weight Per / Ft. Section Modules* Min Yield Strength Beam Load**

Super C

2.5” O.D. SCH 40

1.875” x 1.625”












Heavy C

2.5" O.D. SCH 40

2.25" x 1.70"












*Critical Axis Perpendicular to fence line

**Theoretical beam loads were computed as follows: Yield Strength X section modulus divided by the height in inches (cantilever beam load 72")

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Gregory Fence C-Post

Gregory Fence C-Post

Widely Specified for Greater Strength and Corrosion Protection

The Gregory C channel fence post is stronger, quicker to install and more resistant to corrosion over time. This fence framework depends on the more effective C-shape metal fence posts that offer greater bending strength perpendicular to the fence line. The C-Post fence benefits include:

  • Can be mechanically driven without the use of concrete
  • Heaviest amount of continuously coated zinc available on any framework on the market
  • Open-channel design eliminates condensation buildup inside, reducing maintenance
  • Drives quicker, easier and self-anchors more effectively than tubular posts

These metal posts for fence are available in any length.

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Made in the USA

Our perimeter protection solutions will meet your most demanding security challenges. At Gregory Fence, we manufacture our fence products—from standalone fence posts to complete fence systems—using domestic steel and meet all Buy America requirements.

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