Our metal brackets for wood fencing are made of 18-gauge pressed streel. They are designed to hold the 2x4 rails for wood fence on any type of C-Post (Heavy C, Standard C, Super C, and Thin C). We offer three types of metal brackets for wood fence to streamline and reinforce your fence project :

  • Line brackets – Used along the length of the fence
    • Part # LINBKT; 40 lbs. per 100 pieces
  • End brackets – Used to create clean lines at the end of a fence
    • Part # ENDBKT; 40 lbs. per 100 pieces
  • Corner brackets – Used in 90-degree turns on the inside or outside of a fence
    • Part # CRNBKT; 40 lbs. per 100 pieces

By using our metal bracket system, you can completely cover the fence boards. This gives you an all-wood appearance supported by the strength and durability of steel.


Line Bracket - Wood FenceEnd Bracket - Wood Fence

Corner Bracket - Wood Fence


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