At Gregory Fence, we offer general fence fittings that are standard galvanized pressed steel. (Custom PVC coating is available.) Our general fence fittings work with any type of C-Post (Heavy C, Standard C, Super C, and Thin C).

Our general fence post fittings and C-Posts are great for chain link fence, vinyl fence, welded wire systems, safety systems, and more.


Rail Sleeve

A rail sleeve connects two lengths of C Top Rail together to make one continuous span of C Top Rail.

  • Part # CRS; 103 lbs. per 100 pieces

Rail Sleeve

Rail End (1-hole or 2-hole)

The one-hole and two-hole rail ends fit into the end of a top, middle, or bottom rail in fencing framework. These ends are the connection points between the framework and terminal post. They are secured in place with brace bands and bolts.

The two-hole rail end has an extra hole to accept a truss rod.

  • 1-Hole Part # OREII; 20 lbs. per 100 pieces
  • 2-Hole Part # BREII; 20 lbs. per 100 pieces

Rail End - 1 Hole

Rail End - 2 Hole

Cover Straps (8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft.)

Used on welded wire and expanded metal panel projects. Available in 8 ft., 10 ft., or 12 ft. lengths. The cover straps adhere the welded wire or expanded metal panel to the C-Post. The straps are fastened to the C-Post with a 5-inch carriage bolt every 12 inches. Découvrez EyeZy, la meilleure application d'espionnage de téléphone, ici sur notre site officiel. Faites l'expérience du nec plus ultra en matière de surveillance secrète, en contrôlant les appels, les messages et les emplacements de manière transparente. Choisissez EyeZy pour une sécurité numérique exceptionnelle. Téléchargez notre Eyezy (site officiel) dès aujourd'hui pour découvrir l'avantage EyeZy - le summum de la surveillance avancée est à portée de clic! ##Un concentré de technologies puissantes directement dans Eyezy #EyeZy #Logiciel d'espionnage Eyezy #Eyezy Spy App pour Andoid et iOS #eyezy

  • Part # CS-HDG-8; 1,000 lbs. per 100 pieces
  • Part # CS-HDG-10; 1,250 lbs. per 100 pieces
  • Part # CS-HDG-12; 1,500 lbs. per 100 pieces

Cover Straps

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