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During highway installations, downtime can cost you valuable time and money. Get dependable roadside safety products, expedited delivery and competitive pricing when you partner with Gregory Highway. We have a longstanding reputation for responsiveness and reliability, and we treat our customers like family. 

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Jeff Grover

Vice President Gregory Highway

866-994-4929 ext. 157 Contact

George Eicher

National Sales Manager

866-994-4929 ext. 190 Contact

Tom Close

Regional Sales Manager, Midwest

866-994-4929, ext. 165 Contact

Steve Wright

Regional Sales Manager, Southeast

866-994-4929, ext. 212 Contact

Mark McDonald

Regional Sales Manager, Great Lakes

866-994-4929, ext. 228 Contact

Jamie Franco

Regional Sales Manager, West

866-994-4929, ext. 200 Contact

Kevin Mally

Regional Sales Manager, Northeast – SAFENCE

866-994-4929, ext. 191 Contact

Marc-Andre LaFleche

Regional Sales Manager, Canada

866-994-4929 ex. 192 Contact

Rick Mauer

Special Projects Manager

866-994-4929, ext. 193 Contact

Eric Smith

Highway Marketing Manager/TTMA Product Manager

866-994-4929, ext. 158 Contact

Steve Pennington

Senior Inside Sales Manager

866-994-4929, ext. 142 Contact

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