safence footerSAFENCE® utilizes a system of concrete footers with plastic sleeves to mount C-posts. The system assures correct SAFENCE® performance under various soil conditions while providing an easy means of placing or replacing C-posts.

  • C-posts are mounted into plastic sleeves inside concrete footers.
  • Plastic sleeves never rust, deform less during construction, and ice does not bond to them as readily as to steel.
  • Footer specifications and spacing generally depend upon soil strength.
  • Footers may either be prefabricated or cast on site.
  • Pre-designed footers accommodate weak-toong soil types and various frost-line depths to simplify project specifications.
  • Installation is to a depth of 24 inches.
  • Plastic sleeves are inserted at time of pouring concrete.
  • SAFENCE® offers the advantage of requiring smaller footers than other systems to reduce costs.
  • Steel sleeves are available if required.