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HVAC & Plumbing Support Solutions

Are you looking for strut channel and hangers for high-quality pipe and conduit support? At Gregory Strut, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive range of pipe support systems designed to provide you with the quality, precision and reliability you need. Explore our solutions:

Explore our solutions:

For Contractors & Plumbers

Commercial Contractors & Plumbers

Are you in search of a reliable solution for pipe support in your commercial facility? Gregory Strut provides essential pipe support for industrial plumbing systems. When you’re looking for a hanging solution for demanding structural requirements, you can trust Gregory Strut.

Industrial Contractors & Plumbers

For industrial plumbers, Gregory Strut supplies robust pipe support and hanging solutions tailored to your project's unique demands. When your industrial project requires pipe support you can depend on, Gregory Strut is the reliable partner you can trust.


Decrease Material Waste
Decrease Material Waste

At Gregory Strut, we understand that wasted material is wasted money. When the price of steel is high, every inch counts. That’s why we offer manufactured-to-length G-STRUT® channel to increase efficiency and reduce wasted material and cost.

Increase Safety
Increase Safety

We provide G-STRUT® channel that is manufactured-to-length to ensure a safe job site for workers. Whether standard lengths or custom, our manufactured-to-length G-STRUT® channel gives construction teams a safe environment with:

  • No need to cut
  • No need to debur
  • No need for additional safety equipment (like eye protection or respirators)
Elevate Efficiency
Elevate Efficiency

Contractors can streamline their job site by reducing the number of additional cuts with manufactured-to-length G-STRUT® channel. This means less time spent cutting and fitting and more time spent on the job.

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Looking for a Specific Part?

If you know the exact pipe support solution you need, you can look it up directly and even cross-reference a competitor’s part number.

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