a G-STRUT® Product Distributor


As a G-STRUT® product distributor, you act as a sales representative between Gregory Strut and contractors seeking metal framing channels and accessories for their projects. We like to raise the bar by delivering exceptional products and reliable customer service.

Our products go through rigorous testing to ensure quality, performance and durability. With your help, Gregory Strut can exceed contractor expectations, provide customer satisfaction, strengthen our partnerships and serve industries seeking our expertise.

  • Mechanical
  • HVAC & Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection

Process and Requirements

How do you become a distributor? There are three different ways you can partner with Gregory Strut:

  • Contact Gregory Strut directly
  • G-STRUT ® can contact the distributor directly
  • The manufacturer rep agency contacts the distributor on behalf of Gregory STRUT

Background Check

To qualify for a distributor partnership with Gregory Strut, the distributor must undergo a credit check procedure. Having a good credit check gets you one step closer to becoming an official G-STRUT® distributor.

Want to learn more about G-STRUT® before becoming a distributor? Review our G-STRUT® product literature.

G-STRUT® Product Distributor FAQs

What is your freight allowed or freight prepaid policy?

  • $5000 for Strut or Strut and accessories
  • $2,500 for Strut accessories

Do you offer discounted terms?

  • Yes

Do you offer rebates?

  • Yes

What pricing advantages do you offer?

  • Truckload volume (40,000lbs plus)

What is your lead time for delivery?

  • Varies depending on product mix

What buying groups are you a member of?

  • Evergreen Marketing Group, DPA Buying Group, AD Plumbing, AD Electrical, AD Industrial (new and should be added to the website; see Bob), Net Plus Alliance, Indica Marketing Group

G-STRUT® Benefits & Advantages

Gregory Strut provides quality, versatility and flexibility in every product. Explore the advantages of becoming a G-STRUT distributor and how we differentiate ourselves in the industry.


G-STRUT® products are the trusted source for high-quality and easy-to-install hanging solutions. They can hold very tight tolerances.


We provide G-STRUT® solutions that are available in any size or fractional increment from 6” to 24 ft. There is no minimum order quantity requirement. The G-STRUT channels are available in all finishes and materials (Galvanized, Plain, Green, Painted, 304 & 316 Stainless, Hot-Dipped Galvanized, Yellow Zinc, etc.).

Cost savings

All G-STRUT channels are made to precise length for the application, so there is no wasted or discarded product — saving time and labor costs in the field. When the price of steel is high, every inch counts. The distributor partnership gives you the opportunity to discuss our manufactured-to-length G-STRUT® channels with the contractors, helping thems to streamline their jobsites.

Become a Distributor Today

Inquire today on becoming a G-STRUT® distributor. A member of our team will get back to you within one business day with the next steps.

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Vice President

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National Account Manager

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Senior Regional Manager

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Customer Service Team Leader

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