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Gregory Strut is your trusted partner for all strut services and projects. Each job is done efficiently and with a commitment to excellence, ensuring each product meets our standards. Our strut systems are versatile and can be customized to fit various applications and industries such as supporting pipes, cables, HVAC equipment, electrical, and fire protection.

We offer the following services:

  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Custom Powder Coating
  • Project Cost Estimating

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Services Offered


Our engineering support involves the technical design, fabrication, specifications and installation of struts. Our engineers consider factors like load capacity, material strength, environmental conditions, and building codes when designing strut systems.


Our strut channel installation process involves mounting and securing strut channels to support various components such as pipes, conduits, ducts, and equipment. Through planning and layout, installers determine the best placement of the strut channels based on the building’s structural requirements and layout.

Custom Powder Coating

Gregory Strut provides industrial powder coating services to match your specific project, brand, or building. Our powder coating is long-lasting providing G-STRUT® metal framing many years of protective integrity.

Project Cost Estimating

Our cost estimating service involves assessing expenses associated with designing, manufacturing, and installing strut systems to support the building’s structure. This also includes estimating the costs for the materials, such as struts, accessories including brackets and fittings, and labor costs, if applicable.

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