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GAB1 Adapt-A-Block

Plastic Rooftop Block

Adapt-A-Block gives you flexible options with the dependable support you expect from
G-STRUT®. It’s easy to install, stabilize and align, offering a lightweight option in rooftop support blocks.


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Product Details

Adapt-A-Block Benefits

The GAB1 plastic rooftop block from G-STRUT® provides a single block or interlocking, multiple base system for roof block variations to accommodate heavier applications and high-wind locations. Pipe grooves facilitate alignment and stabilize the conduit and pipes, while a self-locking nut feature allows quick installation.

  • Easy storage with stackable design

  • Even weight distribution for greater load-bearing capacity once strut is attached

  • Water drainage through sloped edges and bases

  • Easy to assemble the nut to fastening rods or bolts

  • Numbered pipe grooves align for organizing pipes

  • Quick clamp to 2” pipe with perforated metal strap or universal strut

  • ½” diameter holes with self-locking nut to accept extension rods, rise clamps and struts

  • Blocks interlock to connect in a series; many options for pipes to be secured to a series

Strut Attachment

Easily attach G-STRUT® channel directly to Adapt-A-Block with sheet metal screws and washers. For heavier applications, use ½” bolts.

  • Self-locking nut feature for quick installation

  • Use the included perforated metal strap to secure the pipes

  • Use numbered pipe grooves to align quickly and easily

  • Screw both ends of the metal strap using sheet metal screws and following the included screw guides

Riser Rods Adapt-A-Block can be used with up to 12” riser rods, placed in any combination of the three ½” diameter holes. Once attached, riser rods can be adjusted from 8.5” to 10.5”.

  • Riser rods elevate any type of G-STRUT® channel

  • Self-locking and reinforced nut-shaped void holds the nut for attachment to the riser rods

GAB1 Adapt-A-Block

  • Base length: 8”

  • Base width: 7.5”

  • Height: 5”

  • Materials:

  • Lightweight plastic shell with Styrofoam base

  • Weight: 0.80 lbs.

  • Static load capacity: 250 lbs. (without strut)

  • Ordering: Packable and Stackable for easy storage and transport.


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