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The Gregory Mini Spacer Guardrail and Thrie Beam System

  • W-Beam approved NCHRP 350 to Test Level 3
  • Thrie-Beam approved NCHRP 350 to Test Level 3
  • A Highway Safety technology breakthrough from Gregory.

Gregory Mini Spacer Optimizes Guardrail Performance

Gregory Industries announces a technology breakthrough in the performance of steel-post highway guardrail systems. The Gregory Mini Spacer (GMS) provides an engineered solution that overcomes blockout variables while optimizing guardrail release behavior for safer control of even extreme axial forces.

GMS largely eliminates the variability problems and failure modes associated with block-mounted guardrail. The unfavorable crash results of vaulting, vehicle pocketing, wheel snagging, vehicle destabilization, guardrail rupture and occupant compartment deformation are overcome through the engineered performance advantages of GMS.

The key benefit of the Gregory Mini Spacer is the way it adds predictability to guardrail release without dependency on slot deformation or complex kinematics. GMS provides consistent, reliable release characteristics with Strong or Weak Post systems by allowing the post to move out of the way upon impact. The "escaping" guardrail maintains its "W" profile and inherent flexibility to safely control impacts and save lives.

GMS is easy to install for new or retrofit projects. It is self-aligning, full-scale crash tested, and NCHRP 350 TL-3 accepted.

The GMS Guardrail System

  • Technology breakthrough for W-Beam guardrail systems
  • GMS is engineered for predictable release and improved safety
  • Eliminates blocks and their variable performance characteristics
  • Eliminates variability that relies on slot deformation
  • Solves vaulting, pocketing and hard snagging
  • Can be used with 12'6", 6'3" or 3'1-1/2" post spacings at mounting heights of 27-5/8" to 31"
  • Works with both Strong and Weak Post systems
  • Releases consistently and predictably upon impact
  • All metal components are easy to install and strong
  • Retrofittable to existing systems
  • Full-scale crash tested
  • NCHRP 350 Approved

GMS releases the guardrail as force thresholds are reached. Release is independent of guardrail thickness, strength, bolt position in the slot, single or double-ply of guardrail, or bolt tightness.

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