Metal Strut Channel Materials & Finishes

Gregory Strut offers a wide variety of finishes and material types for G-STRUT® channels and accessories. All G-STRUT® products cover the full spectrum of metal strut channel requirements.

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Metal Strut Channel Materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Steel coils
  • Accessories (nuts, bolts, washers, clamps, fittings, and more)

Strut Finishes


A zinc coating is applied by hot-dipping the steel coil on Gregory’s specialty continuous galvanizing line. The channel is roll-formed, cut and/or punched as specified in conformance to ASTM 1011 for hot-rolled steel and ASTM 653 for hot-dipped pre-galvanizing, with a G-90 coating (0.90 ounces of zinc per square foot of steel).

 Hot-dipped Galvanized

The hot-dipped galvanized strut material is zinc coated after fabrication providing extra-heavy protection on all surfaces. The channel is pretreated, pickled, and then dipped into tanks of molten zinc, creating an electro-chemical alloyed bond. HDG’s thicker zinc coating provides additional corrosion resistance for highly corrosive exterior applications. G-STRUT® hot-dipped galvanized conforms with ASTM A-123 specification.


A zinc coating is applied by pre-galvanizing the steel coil. The coil then passes through an additional heat induction process, creating a matted gray finish with an alloy coating that enhances paintability. Galvannealed G-STRUT® is easily painted post-installation without costly pre-treatment or priming.


Electro-galvanized, or “zinc plated,” bonds the steel and .5 mils of zinc via an electrolysis process. Electro-galvanizing is most commonly applied to standard G-STRUT® fittings and hardware.

 Powder Coat (Green)

(Custom colors also available) Powder coating electrostatically applies a uniform dry polyester powder to the metal strut channel surface. The applied powder is then “oven-baked” to a durable painted finish.


The aluminum strut channel is available in extruded Aluminum Alloy suitable for various applications.


A plain finish is pickled, hot-rolled carbon steel with a light oil finish. There is no protection against red rust.

 Yellow Zinc (Gold)

Also an electro-galvanized finish, the pickled, fabricated part is immersed in a yellow zinc coating bath and electrostatically bonds to form a protective yellow, zinc finish.

 PVC Coated

A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic coating is bonded to the channel or accessory by immersing the part in fluid PVC tanks. PVC can be applied over galvanized or plain steel.


G-STRUT® stainless steel channel is supplied in standard 304 Grade. Grade 316 is also available, typically for more corrosive environments.

Fiberglass Finish Fiberglass

Made from glass fibers bound together by resin, fiberglass is a special composite finish that is corrosion resistant. It adds strength and durability to structures to withstand heavy loads.

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