Orlando Apartment Complex Project

G-STRUT® Rooftop Support Block – Installs HVAC and Protects Roof Membrane on an Orlando Apartment Complex Project

March 16, 2021
Gregory Strut
Gregory Industries

In late 2020, a 23-story modular concrete apartment building was built in downtown Orlando, Florida. When it came time to install the AC and heavy equipment on the rooftop, the contractor reached out to his go-to distributor, Horizon Supply Co., and Horizon relied on Orlando’s trusted manufacturer rep partner of 30-years, Distributor’s Source of Florida (DSOF), for the right solution. DSOF analyzed the project requirements with the Gregory Strut team to identify the roof blocks and accessories needed to complete an expert installation.

Continue reading to learn how G-STRUT® Rooftop Support Blocks were the installer’s quality, cost-effective solution.  

Challenge: In flat roof construction, it’s a common and smart practice to take full advantage of the rooftop space for certain infrastructure equipment installations – in this case, HVAC systems. The open, easy access flat roof space is most efficient and serviceable for this equipment.   

Before the innovation of recycled rubber roof blocks, common practice was to either lay pipe and conduit directly on the rooftop, or elevate and support items using 4x4 wood blocks. While wood blocks may be better than nothing, wood will relatively rapidly deteriorate from weather, and the block edges will eventually cut into the membrane. Consequently, they are highly susceptible to damaging the roof membrane as the static load unexpectedly becomes dynamic due to Orlando’s heavy rain and extreme temperatures. 

Solution:  It is critical that HVAC equipment is properly supported and elevated to protect the membrane and allow for roof drainage when heavy rains cause rooftop pooling and flooding. For this installation, G-STRUT® roof blocks checked all the boxes. The wide rubber base inhibits digging in and damaging the membrane, and the innovative design allows Florida’s big storm rainwater to flow through and around the block without moving and shifting. Recycled truck tire roof blocks disperse the weight of the load, and they are compatible with and the superior choice for most roof membranes.

Traditional tar and pebble roofs may be less expensive, but they typically only last 3 to 4 years before developing problems. The material used for the Orlando apartment complex was a white rubber commercial-grade roofing membrane designed for a long life of 20 to 25 years.   Protecting that investment with the right roof block was critical. 

Result: Contractors are always under a timeline. In the Orlando project, the contractor planned out the job well enough in advance that there was time for the distributor to connect with the factory and ship several weeks before the actual installation. Because of the cost savings, the contractor took advantage of purchasing larger bulk quantities (full gaylord pallets).

He was so satisfied with the quality of the product and the ease of installation that he planned to take the remaining roof blocks directly to his next job. The contractor was also impressed with the ease of doing business with everyone involved. He had used roof blocks before, but purchasing from Gregory Strut by comparison was seamless.

Takeaway: G-STRUT® Rooftop Support Blocks and accessories help businesses simplify their installations and protect their investments. With local availability, quick installation and complete solutions offered from a single source, it’s easy to do business with Gregory Strut.

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