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Gregory Highway Expands Partnership with Safence

March 3, 2023
Gregory Highway
Gregory Industries

Gregory Highway expands its partnership with Safence and as a new shareholder in the business Gregory remains steadfast in their commitment to keeping drivers safe. Safence is a high-tension cable barrier system in use both domestically and internationally.   

The Safence cable system is designed to safely absorb energy while redirecting the impacting vehicle along the barrier. This high-tension cable barrier system is ideal for medians with proper working widths between traffic lanes or highway shoulders with slope decline. 

A Stronger Partnership  

As a longtime partner, Gregory has manufactured the Safence product since its inception. Their new role as a shareholder will enhance Gregory’s ability to manufacture, sell and distribute the existing Safence product line throughout the United States and Canada, with plans to scale their distribution to keep more drivers safe around the world.   

"By expanding our relationship, we can take this roadside safety product to the next level,” said Jeff Grover, Vice President of Gregory Highway. “This product matters, because people’s lives matter.” 

A Continued Commitment to Safety 

Gregory Highway is committed to offering exceptional highway safety products. The Safence high-tension cable barrier system is no different. Safence is crash-tested and meets the requirements of NCHRP 350 TL-3 and TL-4. Now, they will expand the performance capabilities of the cable barrier system to develop an enhanced version that meets today’s higher MASH crash testing criteria. 

Gregory's commitment to safety goes far beyond product development and includes education and advocacy efforts to offer solutions, safety, reliability and dependability at every turn. 

About Gregory Highway 

“Our mission is to exceed our partner’s expectations by providing outstanding service, value, speed, and continuous improvement,” said Matt Gregory, CEO of Gregory Industries. “The Safence partnership helps us carry out our mission.”    

As the national leader in roadside safety, you can rely on Gregory Highway for quick turnarounds, competitive pricing, and responsive service. Find a sales representative today.