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MSKT End Terminal Proves Life-Saving After Impact on I-81 in Virginia

April 19, 2024
Gregory Highway
Gregory Industries

A recent incident on I-81 in Botetourt County, Virginia, showcased the durability and effectiveness of the MASH Sequential Kinking Terminal (MSKT) as it successfully absorbed the impact of an oncoming vehicle. The individuals involved in the accident were able to walk away after the high-speed collision. 

Guard Rail 2

The collision occurred when a car departed the roadway and struck the MSKT terminal head. The result exceeded current MASH crash testing requirements resulting in 94 feet of w-beam guardrail panels kinking through the impact head. Despite the elevated speeds and forces of the impact, the longstanding kinking technology of the MSKT remained functional, highlighting its robust design and ability to withstand high-energy collisions.

Video below: 

During head-on impacts, the MSKT's guardrail terminal head slides over the W-Beam guardrail, sequentially kinking it to absorb energy and safely stop vehicles. In addition to its energy-absorbing capabilities, the downstream components of an MSKT can also function as a traditional guardrail. The standard components in this area can contain and redirect vehicles when impacted along the side, and within the necessary pay length. 

The successful performance of the MSKT terminal in this recent collision underscores its importance in enhancing roadside safety and protecting motorists from potentially serious accidents. 

At Gregory Highway, we realize our highway safety products matter, because people’s lives matter! 

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