A construction worker is in a boom lift basket in a strut channel background.

Strut Channel Solutions: Quality, Availability, Durability

May 16, 2024
Gregory Strut
Gregory Industries

Selecting the right strut products for a project can be hard. Several factors to consider include quality, availability, durability, and customization. Our rivals often overlook a specific feature that Gregory Strut takes pride in, manufacturing to length.

How Gregory Strut Stands Out

The Gregory Strut difference is that we provide quality assurance, customization, durability and reliability in every strut channel product manufactured.

Quality Assurance

Gregory Strut products undergo rigorous quality control measures, ensuring the solutions for the projects are reliable and long-lasting. Competitors offer similar strut channel products, however, Gregory Strut’s commitment to quality assurance distinguishes them as a leading strut channel partner.

Availability and Customization

Gregory Strut's products stand out due to their ability to be customized to specific lengths, providing a significant advantage. While some competitors only offer standard lengths of 10 and 20 feet such as the P1000 strut, Gregory Strut recognizes that every project is unique and may require varying lengths. With the ability to manufacture to length, Gregory Strut increases efficiency and reduces waste.

Other competitors have a limited range of standard lengths, while Gregory Strut is fully customizable. Whether a project requires a few inches or several feet of strut channels, Gregory can tailor each project to the exact project requirements and meet expectations.

Durability and Reliability

Gregory Strut products are designed to withstand rigorous conditions. The strut channel products and accessories are made from high-quality materials and designed for maximum strength, which offer unmatched durability and reliability, even in demanding environments.

The Gregory Advantage: Finding the Right Solution

Finding the right strut products for projects shouldn't be a challenge. Gregory Strut makes it easy with the Part Finder tool. By utilizing the Gregory Part Finder tool, distributors can quickly and conveniently locate the correct strut products for their specific needs. The tool can filter by dimensions, material, finish, and more, ensuring the ideal solution for the project requirements.

Experience the Gregory Strut advantage and discover why they are the preferred choice for strut products. Locate the products needed for a project today.