Gregory Highway Supplies First Phase of 59-Mile Safence High-Tension Cable Project

May 16, 2024
Gregory Industries

Gregory Highway has successfully supplied the first phase of a 59-mile Gregory Safence high-tension cable project.  

The first phase of installation by Coral Construction was 40 miles on Interstate 90 from Three Forks to east of Bozeman, Montana. 

This work not only emphasizes our commitment to safety but also shows our dedication to making our roadways safer.   

Safence Montana

High-tension cable barriers are designed to effectively contain and redirect vehicles, thereby reducing the severity of collisions and preventing potentially catastrophic accidents. Engineered and installed with care, these barriers serve as a formidable line of defense, offering enhanced protection for drivers and passengers alike. The implementation of high-tension cable barriers along targeted sections of Montana highways has yielded remarkable results. By strategically placing these barriers in areas prone to crossover accidents and run-off-road incidents, we have significantly enhanced the safety of motorists traversing these routes. 

I90 MCR Bozeman Phase


Here’s to safer roads, brighter futures and continued success!